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  1. Auditorium: Manarat Dhaka International School & College is one of the best English medium education institutions in the country. The Fouad Al Khatib auditorium on the eighth floor of the Academic Building of the college has elevated the image of this institution to another level. The auditorium has a capacity of hosting over five hundred spectators. This large air-conditioned room has an advanced sound system, soundproof glass, smoke detectors and is beautifully designed. During any event, the audience enjoys it like a charm. It has a sophisticated green room for the participants and organizers. In addition to the auditorium, there is also a separate multipurpose hall room. Currently being used as an exam hall for CAIE O and A Level Exam, IELTS Exams etc, the chamber occasionally hosts cultural events organized by the Manarat University. This auditorium is a token of pride for both the students and the authority of MDIC.
  2. Transport: The school transport facility is comprised of a handful of buses that take the students and teachers to and from the campus and their destinations.
  3. Library: MDIC has an exuberant library with an excellent collection of books, journals, magazines, daily newspapers, etc. It is situated on the 6th floor of the academic building. The Library rules have been adapted to support the students, teachers and other members of the college. Free access to the internet is available in the library. To enrich the young minds with the knowledge of the Liberation war and Bangladeshi history there is a Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman corner. Another special corner is dedicated to commemorate the former Chairman and founding member of MDIC, celebrated scholar late Shah Abdul Hannan. Numerous valuable books were written and suggested by him when he was alive. Those books are now gracing the shelves of late Shah Abdul Hannan Corner.

MDIC library is open from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. from Sunday to Thursday. It is closed on Friday, Saturday and other holidays as declared by the college.

  1. Physics Lab: Our Physics Laboratory is well-equipped with state-of-the-art lab instruments and facilities. The laboratory is spacious and aided with air-conditioning. We provide our students with individual, single-use apparatus with free practical booklet. All the required Electrical, Magnetic and Mechanical apparatus are available in the lab. We demonstrate with Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Ripple Tank, D.C power supply, Multimeter etc. The safety of the students is non-negotiable, thus we have fire extinguishers with fire exits in every single lab. To develop our students in theoretical and practical aspects, we have a separate Optics Laboratory with expensive Optical equipment like Polari Meter, Spectrometer, Optical bench with all optics kits. Our highly experienced, well-qualified, dedicated Faculties are conducting Physics lab classes regularly.
  1. Chemistry Lab: Chemistry Laboratory of MDIC is well furnished with modern equipment facilities along with multimedia to deliver lectures. Marble-stoned tables together with water basins and burners are available for the students to conduct experiments. The lab has an emergency shower room for accidental corrosive chemicals. Fume cupboards are provided to facilitate experiments related to poisonous gases. Fire extinguishers are always available to ensure safety. During scientific demonstration individual, single-use apparatus with free practical booklet is provided to our students to enhance their capability in theoretical and practical aspects.
  2. Biology Lab: Our biology laboratory is a place where students can carry out biological studies, analyses and experiments under the supervision of competent instructors. This subserves the protection during activities with biological agents.

Laboratory activities and inquiry provide students with opportunities to question, observe, sample, experience, and experiment with scientific phenomena in their quest for knowledge of living things. Thus, studying in a laboratory is an integral and essential part of a biology course.

School labs are a great place for students which help them enhance their learning by understanding the theoretical concepts of science which are taught in classrooms. Well-designed laboratories not only make science experiments fun but also help students in achieving good academic results.

We are proud to have a wonderful biology lab for our O and A-level students. Our students can do enzymatic reactions, food tests, enzyme immobilization, colorimetric reading, antibiotic resistance test, electrophoresis of DNA, centrifugation of blood, blood group test, Culture of bacteria in an incubator, human skeleton study and many other related activities according to the O and A level syllabus.

Our lab is well-designed with lots of critical space for natural movement and flow. Students are able to have quick access to safety features such as a hand wash station and fire protection system.

  1. Computer Lab: MDIC has two computer labs (one for boys and another for girls) with more than 80 computers equipped with the latest technology to ensure that the students keep abreast with the fast-changing IT scenario. The labs are equipped with a dedicated broadband Internet connection for enterprising students who have the opportunity to be familiar with the Internet.

The department has qualified, committed teachers to teach different classes. The faculty members make continuous efforts to see that the students must get expertise in the practical implementation of tools they have in their curriculum. Students are provided with computer education right from class 3. We maintain an ideal student-computer ratio of 1:1.

  1. Indoor Games Room: There are Indoor Games Rooms in both the Boys' and the Girls' section with indoor game facilities for playing Carom, Table Tennis and Ludu.
  2. Activity Room: A dedicated room specially used for kids’ learning activities; such as interactive studies by the use of different practical materials with virtual interaction. At times junior kids attend presentation classes on PowerPoint.
  3. Playground: Manarat Dhaka International School & College can be distinguished from other contemporary schools and colleges by its spacious playground. Where most other educational institutions hardly have fields or playing areas to support the outdoor activities of the students, there are two separate playgrounds for boys and girls in Manarat. Every year inter-school football tournaments and handball tournaments are held in these playgrounds. Having such playgrounds aid the students of MDIC to exponentially develop their physical fitness and also allow them to escape from monotony in a healthy way. Hundreds of parents regard the college differently because of its playground and choose the college for their sons and daughters.
  4. Standby Generator: We have a 350 KVA standby generator facility that enables us to ensure uninterrupted work during load-shedding.
  5. Electric Sub-Station: We have two electric sub-station facilities for uninterrupted and a wider range of power support. Our substations’ capacity are 1250 KVA & 500 KVA respectively.
  6. Buildings: The biggest feature of Manarat Dhaka International School & College is the separate buildings for boys and girls. There are 3 (three) multistoried buildings and a tin shed building equipped with modern facilities. There are 2 (two) separate buildings with 5 floors for boys and girls. The buildings have all the necessary laboratories and other amenities required to disseminate quality education. The 8-story academic building has various labs, auditorium, multipurpose hall, Principal’s office, administration office etc. The design of the college buildings has garnered praise from the best architects of the country.
  7. Lifts: Technologically higher, strong and well-furnished Lift facility is available for students. There are three lifts for the three multistoried buildings.
  8. Education Management Software: We are providing various facilities to parents through the Online Education Management Software (OEMS) for sending SMS, Attendance, Notice, Document, Result, Fees information etc.
  9. Guardian Shed: There is a guardians’ shed where the parents can sit and pass their time comfortably while waiting for their children/wards to complete their school time activities.
  10. Deep Tubewell: Manarat campus has a deep tubewell that ensures sufficient pure water supply facilities. Because of it, providing safe and pure drinking water for all the students and staff is possible.
  11. Water Purifier: The whole MDIC campus has the facility of pure drinking water for all.
  12. Medical Center: The Medical Center at MDIC has two professional physicians who are ever-present to take care of the students' health problems and provide primary medication in case of any emergency. For this, the MDIC Medical Center is equipped with a variety of necessary medication, first aid and other basic medical facilities.
  13. Canteen: The Canteen offers healthy, hygienic and tasty food.
  14. Security: MDIC takes the security of the students and the campus very seriously and that's why there are several security measures like the CCTV Camera system, vigilant security guards, walkie-talkies, metal detectors and distance temperature measurement kit.
  15. Bio-metric Attendance: Employees of MDIC use Biometric Attendance System during entry and exit. We are planning to use it for all the students.