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About (Information about the Department)

The Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies is very significant in Manarat. It comprises mainly three subjects: Islamic studies, Arabic, and Surah and Salah. The students read Islamic studies up to class 8 compulsorily. There is also O Level Islamic Studies (2068) as an optional subject. As for Arabic, the students read this subject up to class-6. And under the name of Surah and Salah, they learn small surahs, practical wudu and salah, etc. up to class-6. The curriculums, syllabuses, and books for these subjects are rich, well-designed, and comprehensive, including all the necessary topics. In addition to academic subjects, the department also arranges cultural programmes on different occasions. For teaching these subjects and holding different programms, the department has a number of highly qualified, committed, experienced teachers. They sincerely help the students   learn about Islam and practice its teachings in their lives.

Facilities (facilities provided by the department)

The department provides the following facilities for the students:

  1. Teaching Islamic studies up to class-8 compulsorily helps the students  learn about all the important teachings of Islam, including iman, ibadah, morality, and akhlaq-characters ,etc., and gives them a comprehensive idea of the Islamic way of life.
  2. Teaching them how to perform different acts of ibadah and manners practically like,wudu, salah, salam etc.
  3. Teaching Arabic up to class 6 helps the students have  direct access to the language of the Quran and the hadith.
  4. Offering O Level Islamic Studies (2068) as an optional subject for the students of classes 9 and
  5. Providing highly qualified, committed, experienced and sincere teachers to improve the knowledge  of the students.
  6. Setting comprehensive and well-designed books and a syllabus that gives the students a comprehensive idea of Islam.
  7. Arranging cultural programmes from time to time in order to develop the potential of the students and make them able to take part in different competitions.

The  department is trying to make our students good Muslims as well as good citizens of our beloved country.