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About (Information about the Department)

The Department of Bangla is one of the most important departments at MDIC. It assists the students to understand the learning process of the Bangla language properly and helps them to secure praiseworthy marks in the O-Level Exam. The students take this subject as it is a compulsory subject in O-Level. We ordained a curriculum according to the O Level Syllabus from the beginning level of the students. Especially from level 7, we follow the O-Level curriculum in full swing. From Level 3 to 6, we teach   the students how to read, write and speak properly during the exams and  in their work place.

For resources, we follow the  NCTB as well as some literary books for the sake of students. To instil morality, we teach some Islamic literary books such as Chotoder Mohanabi,… from Level 3 to Level 6. Besides, to maintain the accuracy of the language we teach the students’ language books from Level 3 to O-Level. 

The curriculums, syllabuses, and books for this subject are rich, well-designed, and comprehensive, including all the necessary topics. In addition to academic subjects, the department also arranges cultural programs on different occasions. For teaching this subject and holding different programs like Bangla Olympiad, Victory Day, International Mother Language Day, Independent Day, 7th March Day, and   Intellectual Martyr Day, many of our dedicated teachers work with their devotion. We hope to be such highly qualified, committed and experienced faculties. We sincerely help the students learn language properly.

To conduct the activities smoothly, many of our colleagues performed their jobs as department heads.  Miss Shirin Chowdury   was the first department head . Then Miss Begum Mahamuda Ferdowsy   performs this duty with her devotion.


Facilities (Facilities provided by the department)

The department provides the following facilities for the students:

      a) Teaching Bangla up to O-Level compulsorily helps the students apply their knowledge in a practical field.

      b) Teaching them different acts like culture, tradition and the pre-history of the Bangali people.

      c) Providing highly qualified, committed, experienced and sincere teachers to improve the knowledge of the students.

      d) Setting up comprehensive and well-designed books and syllabuses that provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the Bangla language and literature .

       e) Arranging cultural programmes from time to time in order to develop the potential of the students and make them able to take part in different competitions.

Thus, our department is trying to make our students  good citizens, devoted Muslims as well as patriotic people of our beloved country.