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About (Information about the Department)

The Department of Bangladesh Studies, History & Geography is one of the most important departments in MDIC. It assists the students to get a clear idea about the critical learning process of History, Geography and Bangladesh Studies properly. Moreover, it helps the students to secure praiseworthy marks in O-Level Exam. The students of MDIC are studying History, Geography and Bangladesh Studies from Grade-I to Grade-VIII as a compulsory subject and some of the students take this subject in O-Level as an optional one. We ordained a curriculum according to the O Level Syllabus from the beginner Level students. Specially from Grade-VII, we follow Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) O–Level curriculum in full swing. From Grade-I to VI, we prepare the students with the basic knowledge of geography, history, culture & heritage of Bangladesh and the world so that they can utilize those resourceful ideas in their exam, higher studies as well as their professional life in future. 

As resources, we follow Bangladesh & Global Studies, text book of National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB), prepare and freely distributed by the Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, renowned international books on history and geography, CAIE prescribed books etc. Moreover, we also teach the students about the golden history of Islamic civilization like; History of the prophets, Khilafah Ar-Rashidah, Islamic cities then and now, contribution of Muslim in the world and so on.

The curriculums, syllabuses, and books of this subject are rich, well-designed and comprehensive. In addition to academic activities, the department arranges different programs on national days like; International mother language day (21 February), Historical 7th March Day, National Children’s Day (17 March), Mass Killing Day (25 March), Independence Day and National Day of Bangladesh (26 March), National Mourning Day (15 August), Sheikh Rasel Day (18 October), Martyred Intellectuals Day (14 December), Victory Day (16 December) etc. Besides, the department also organizes and participates in many cultural programs and quiz competitions locally and nationally where our students perform brilliantly and obtained top positions like; Bangladesh Olympiad, Bangabandhu Olympiad, Muktijuddha Olympiad, Daily Star Genius Competition, Battle for Green, Martyred Intellectuals Day Quiz Competition etc.

Faculties of History, Geography and Bangladesh Studies department are highly qualified, committed and experienced. They work as a team with their devotion to build the bright future generation for our nation and for the world. For smooth functioning of the departmental activities, one of the most experience faculties performs as the Head of the Department (HOD). Mr. Raihan Uddin was the first HOD since 24 August 1984 to 31 December 2020. From then, Mr. Muhammad Hafizur Rahman is performing this duty with his devotion. 


Facilities (Facilities Provided by the Department)

     a) Teaching History, Geography and Bangladesh Studies up to the O-Level which help the students to apply their knowledge in higher studies at home and abroad and in their practical field

      b)Educating students about history, culture, tradition, civilization of human kind from ancient to modern times

      c) Providing highly qualified, committed, experienced teachers who teach with affection, care and sincerity

      d) Setting comprehensive and well-designed books and syllabuses which give students a comprehensive idea about History, Geography and Bangladesh Studies

      e)Arranging cultural programs and extra-curricular activities time to time in order to develop the potentialities of the students and make them eligible to be a worthy competitor in different competitions in the world


Thus, the department of History, Geography and Bangladesh Studies is trying to make our students good global citizens as well as patriotic citizens of our beloved motherland ‘Bangladesh’.