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About (Information about the Department)

The Department of Biology of our college makes students knowledgeable about current topics, research and research methods going on in the field of biology. Study of this subject is a prerequisite for many of the undergraduate programs offered by universities across the globe. Our faculties and staffs are equipped with knowledge and expertise to meet the demand of the time.

Students leave our department being:

  • Prepared either for doing a job or carrying on graduation disciplines related with biology, especially health professions.
  • Equipped with the knowledge of the living world and capable to communicate it with others.
  • Able to adapt to ever-changing fields of biology.

As a department, our mission is founded on the premise that excellence in teaching and excellence in research complement each other. We have an exciting diverse faculty whose expertise encompasses Biology as a whole and it is our aim to provide our students with training in all major sub-disciplines of Biology. The faculty members and staff of the Biology Department are a dedicated, enthusiastic and highly motivated group of people who passionate about what they do. Teachers as well as the staff of the department demonstrate a general understanding of the standard laboratory tools, methodology, and process of biological research and of the basics of scientific writing.

In conjunction with the mission of the college, the Biology Department embraces the strength of diversity, fosters civic mindedness and nurtures responsible citizens for the nation.

The Biology laboratory is on the 5th floor of the Academic building. Enhanced teaching and lab spaces include high-tech classrooms and research zones. Dedicated laboratories house state-of-the-art equipment for hands-on learning.

Facilities (Facilities Provided by the Department)

  • Maintaining efficient and modern biology laboratory which is aimed at teaching and research spaces for the faculty members, staff, and students
  • Conducting weekly laboratory sessions for both the A and O level courses in biology where students get used to experimental tools and techniques
  • Arranging student benches, instructional technology, dedicated equipment, and the support spaces tailored to the teaching and experimental needs for each laboratory course
  • Assigning demonstrators and lab assistants to provide essential support for teaching and experimental activities
  • Rendering a biology lab equipped with thorough integration of digital technology having computers, laptops and projectors with internet
  • Providing Course books, booklets of Past Papers and different resources both the A and O level