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About (Information about the Department)

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at Manarat Dhaka International School and College! Chemistry is an excellent choice of majors for students interested in pursuing careers in science fields such as chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science, forensics, as well as the medical, dental and pharmacy fields. The Department views students’ education in chemistry based on theory classes and interesting practical sessions. The Department is provided with well-equipped lab. Individual attention is given to the students in O and A level theory classes so that students can be well versed in CAIE syllabus.


Facilities (Facilities Provided by the Department)

  • Ensuring O and A level students to participate in science fairs, chemistry olympiads and various science festivals in national and international levels which prepare students to tackle the big challenges in their life
  • Imparting high quality education by inspiring students to come out to compete globally
  • Engaged with outstanding teaching efforts to bring innovative teaching methods to the classroom
  • Producing very high percentage of results every year and scaling up to 100% (World Highest and Country Top in Cambridge Exam)
  • Preparing students for success in academia and industry and making life-changing discoveries that benefit the world