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About (Information about the Department)

MDIC established the department of Computer Science (CS) as a priority for all students from Class 3 to A-level. The department of Computer Science supports and encourages students in fostering interest and raising confidence in the use of computers. The department also strives to help students become informed and efficient users of current technology.  Syllabuses are designed to help students learn the fundamentals of computer science and basic technology skills necessary to flourish as a citizen and show competence in the workplace. Students are exposed to a broad range of computer applications, so as to provide an understanding of the power and versatility of the computer and the benefits of its use, along with its limitations and potential disadvantages.


Facilities (Facilities provided by the department)

The department provides the following facilities to the students:

  1. A group of highly skilled and well trained faculties for providing both theoretical and practical knowledge of computing to the students.
  2. Two well-furnished computer labs equipped with latest computers to conduct practical classes for the students.
  3. Multimedia projectors and Internet facility for the students for supporting their lessons.
  4. Making students skilled to participate in various national and international competitions.