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About (Information about the department)

The department of English is one of the most vibrant departments at Manarat Dhaka International School and College. It is relatively significant in size and the programs it offers in the field of English is of very high quality and standard. All of its faculties have had outstanding academic backgrounds and they have had gone through formal training before becoming a teacher. Additionally, to help struggling students keep up with the rigors of the academic programs all the faculties are working effortlessly under the guidance of HOD, Ms. Ashia Khatun. It's program structure, course contents, testing and evaluation are equivalent to the international standards.

MDIC apprizes its thriving ENGLISH LANGUAGE results in O & A Levels by budding young talents to give shape to their creativity and enhancing their power to perceive, observe and explore. A group of motivating and dedicated faculties of English Department with their positive attitude, hard work, sustained efforts and innovative ideas enrich our children to secure best results like ‘World Highest Marks’ and many more.

BEACON, our annual magazine, is a milestone of the enthusiastic write ups and artworks of our young writers, which is indubitably sufficient to hold the interest and admiration of the readers and take them to the surreal world of unalloyed joy and pleasure. Quazi Mahfuzur Rahman, Chief Editor of BEACON, along with the members, has put in relentless efforts to bring excellence to this treasure trove.

In addition to the academic programs and courses, the department also organizes a variety of activities and workshops, moreover the faculties of this department are performing important duties as conveners and members of the committees. Such as Certificate Writing Committee works throughout the whole year on different occasions and competitions. Ms. Syeda Asma Akter, Senior Lecturer, Department of English, works as the convener of the Certificate Writing Committee. Debate Practice of MAD is going on in full swing. A2 student Subaita Arwaa has been selected for National Camp through Fempowerment Debate tournament. Debate Moderator Rebecca Yasmin patronizes day and night to support the debaters wholeheartedly.

Facilities (Facilities provided by the department)

The department of English has been decorated with a view for fulfilling the need for engrossed and detailed education in the field of English Language and Literature. The department aims at infusing and nurturing the basic skills and qualities among its students through English Language.

Ms. Asia Khatun (HOD of English Department), is the torchbearer of English Department, who is working relentlessly along with Mr. Quazi Mahfuzur Rahman to uphold the quality of Education. Our honorable Principal sir and honorable VP madam are providing constant support to the department.

The department of English houses a set of vibrant, devoted and diverse teachers. They provide students with an excellent education that strikes an ideal balance between creativity and critical inquiry, as a result student are producing excellent results in their O Levels. We have recently launched English courses for A Levels in MDIC.

The syllabus, designed with utmost care, aims at simultaneously improving the language skills of the students and deepening their knowledge of literature. The department is delivering comprehensive and accredited knowledge of English Language and Literature. It teaches students excellent language skills and enhances their ability to communicate clearly and succinctly both orally and in writing. Moreover, the department offers good interpersonal skills, so that they can work effectively in a team and the students could be self-reliant and committed.