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Since the establishment of Manarat Dhaka International School and College in 1979, this school and college has been excelling in academic performances beyond margins and numbers and also marking their presence in extracurricular activities by bounds and leaps. A significant part of extracurricular activities is sports. The organizing of the inter-class football tournament for boys, inter-class badminton tournament for the girls and annual sports for all of the students have been present from the very beginning. These tournaments create a bond between the seniors and the juniors like no other. It transcends the realm of mere classmates and creates a feeling of brotherhood. This type of bond helps each other to develop more not only as a player but also as a humble sportsperson. At the end of each year’s tournament, all of the students bid farewell to the most senior class with utmost dignity and respect. The students also give the most senior class a walk of honour to their last match.

Alongside that, the students have been participating in inter-school football, table tennis, cricket, badminton, handball, carom tournaments. The teams also compete at the national level as well as international level. In 2016, Manarat took part in Gothia Cup in China as representative of Bangladesh, where 120 countries took part. Performing outstandingly Manarat reached the semi-finals under the leadership of Mosaddek Husain. In the semi-final, they lost to a Chinese team in penalty shootouts with their heads held up high. An article was printed about Mosaddek Husain and the team by a Chinese newspaper as they were recognized for their amazing performance.

In badminton, Ayman Zaman competed at the national and international levels. He won national tournaments at U-19. He also earned the bronze medal from the Asian Games.

In 2018, there was an audition from FIFA for junior journalists. There a student of our school named Mahir participated and won. He was the only junior journalist in FIFA World Cup 2018 representing Bangladesh. In 2019 he also won the online junior journalist event held by FIFA.

On the campus, other sports activities are held. Annual sports is one of them where students participate in many categorized events from play group to A-level. Junior students have also brilliant and various types of display. The senior students also have a parade. The sports activities are not limited to some degree, there are endless events for the student to take part in and hone their skills for the future.

The Manarat football team is renowned for its success. The golden generation of Manarat’s football team led by Mussadek Hussain has built a legacy like no other. And it has leveled up due to the presence of a God-gifted player like Arman Khan. This team has achieved many awards. With all these achievements to motivate and inspire the students, our school strives for more success and development of the students so that they can shine in the future.

Achievements of Manarat Boys Sports Teams:

  • Manarat Junior Inter-School Football Tournament 2009-Runners Up
  • Manarat Junior Inter-School Football Tournament 2010-Champions
  • Manarat Junior Inter-School Football Tournament 2011-Champions
  • Manarat Junior Inter-School Football Tournament 2012-3rd Place
  • ISD Middle School Football Tournament 2013-3rd Place
  • Manarat Junior Inter-School Football Tournament 2013-Runners Up
  • Sunnydale Games 2014-Runners Up
  • ITHS Super Cup 2015-Runners Up (U-14 Category)
  • AISD Badminton Tournament 2015-Champions
  • AISD Badminton Tournament 2016-Champions
  • DISA Football Tournament 2016-Runners Up
  • ITHS Super Cup 2017-Champions (U-16 Category)
  • MDIC Cup 2017-Champions (U-14 Category)
  • MDIC Cup 2017-Champions (U-16 Category)
  • MDIC Cup 2017-Runners Up (U-19 Category)
  • BISC Games 2017-Champions
  • MDIC Cup 2018-Runners Up (U-14 Category)
  • MDIC Cup 2018-Runners Up (U-16 Category)
  • MDIC Cup 2018-Champions (U-19 Category)
  • DIFT 2019- Champions
  • MDIC Cup 2019-Champions
  • IHSB Super Cup 2020-Runners Up (U-16 Category)