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About (Information about the Department)

Mathematics played a prominent role in the development of civilization. With the advancement of science and technology Mathematics became the core subject of all types of scientific knowledge. Hence it is called the mother of science. The importance of Mathematics in education is undeniable and practical life is unimaginable without it.

All educational institutions are determined to build up a resourceful Mathematics department. MDIC is no exception. In reality the department of Mathematics of MDIC is one of the largest as well as resourceful departments. All the faculties of this department have Master degree from reputed universities and they are well trained in Cambridge (CAIE) and Edexcel education.

As the betterment of students is the top priority to the faculties, they are dedicated to improve students’ subject knowledge at the time make them skilled to achieve the highest grade. As a result, every year our students are securing country and world highest position in Mathematics.