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Payment Procedure

System of payment procedure of College fees.

  1. It seems that there is a confusion regarding the payment of college fees and confirmation of receipt by the College. As such, the parents are requested to follow the instructions given below for payment of College fees:


 Direct deposit: Fees may be deposited directly to Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, Gulshan Branch to the Account number of Manarat Dhaka International School & College (MSA-20501770203745912). The deposit slip will be collected by the officials of MDIC. Parents are requested not to collect/receive deposit slip (MDIC copy) from the bank.

  1. Online Fund Transfer: Parents can deposit the College fees through Online banking from any branch of Islami Bank (BD) Limited. But in such cases, parents are requested to send the deposit slip (MDIC copy) through MDIC accounts e-mail address (mdic_accounts1979@yahoo. com) or through WhatsApp to the following cell phone numbers or it may be submitted directly to Accounts Section. Otherwise, this payment cannot be confirmed and the student’s upgradation of payment status will be hampered.


  • Mr. Md. Aslam Hossain                - 01742 51 20 24
  • Mr. Sikder Mahbubur Rahman    - 01825 95 46 33
  • Mr. Md. Saiful Azam                    - 01842 38 96 50
  • Mr. Md. Shamsher Ali Akon         - 01556 32 59 32  


Note :

Parents are requested to pay the Online charges (if it is paid through online) to the concerned branches in addition to the College fees. Otherwise, this also creates problems to update the payment.


  1. Electronic Fund Transfer: Parents may also deposit college fees through BEFTN (Electronic Fund Transfer) from any bank other than Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. In such cases, at the time of fund transfer, parents are requested to mention student's detailed information (Name, Code no., Class and Section) as reference with the help of the concerned bank. Parents are also requested to send the bank advice regarding fees paid to the MDIC account's mail ( or the above-mentioned WhatsApp mobile numbers or it may be submitted to Accounts Section directly. Otherwise, it will be difficult to identify the student against whom the fees have been paid and it will not be updated on the computer.
  1. It is for the information of all concerned that collection of college fees and its input is done by the Fees collectors. But defaulters/less payment list is auto-generated by the computer. Therefore, if less amount of money is received then the names are included in the defaulters' list and SMS are sent automatically to the defaulters’ contact numbers.
  1. For further information about deposit of college fees please contact the accounts section or call +880255060039-41, Ext-114.