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About (Information about the Department)

Since the establishment of Manarat Dhaka School and College in 1979, in addition to academic activities, sports have been regularly organized for boys and girls from playgroup to A-level. The department of P.T has been organizing different kind of sports activities year after year and the teachers have been cooperating in these activities with sincerity in a very beautiful way.

In addition to sports, the department provides a wide range of efforts to College Students' discipline, Study Tour etc as and when needed.

Facilities (Facilities provided by the department)

The department provides the following facilities to the students:

  • Juniors are taught various types of display (from play to standard 2)
  • Display and PT parade training is given to boys and girls from standard 3 to A level.
  • Out of all the students from class-3 to A-level, only few students are selected as Assistant PT Leaders, PT Leaders and Prefects, who work as leaders in every program in the college to maintain discipline alongside the teachers.
  • Out of thousand students, the department selects few students as Drum Beaters, who beats the drums at regularly at assembly time and in the parade of the annual sports.
  • The department selects the first, second and third place holders of the cultural program who are distinctive at singing as singers of the National Anthem. They sing the national anthem in assemblies, opening ceremony of annual sports, cultural programs and also in national program.
  • The department also organizes inter- class football, table –tennis, carom, handball and badminton tournaments.
  • The department organizes Inter-school football, badminton competitions. Different schools take part in the competition. The department also takes part in different competitions organized by other schools and federation on national and international level.
  • The department also organizes special competition as Victory day inter-class football tournament (boys), inter-class badminton tournament (girls) and independence day inter-school football tournament (boys) and inter-school badminton tournament (girls).
  • International standard training is arranged on how boys and girls can play better and develop more of their skills.
  • The department provides the help to make the study tour programs successful to its level best where the students are taken to remarkable and historical places.
  • The experienced teachers of this department have been working tirelessly and relentlessly to develop the students as a good students and a good citizens of the future with their talents nurtured by their own hands.