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About (Information about the Department)

Physics is at the core of understanding the natural sciences, and MDIC has designed an inclusive department to prepare students for a variety of related pursuits and continued study. The experimental Physics sequence stresses laboratory techniques, cooperative scientific project and clear, thoughtful presentation of results. In recognition of the growing significance of Physics in all fields of science and technology as well as in general edification of Physics among our students, Physics department had organized “1st MDIC Physics Olympiad” in 24th August 2017 at College premises. The main theme of the Olympiad was “Exploring the World of Physics”. It comprised of theoretical Physics Screening test and Physics Quiz. In parallel, the Department organized Annual Science Fair with excellent project show guided by our experienced Faculties and it explored globally. The Department has qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic Faculties. It aims to impart high quality education by inspiring students to come out to compete globally. The Faculty are also engaged in outstanding teaching efforts to bring innovative teaching methods in classroom.  As a result, two of our students were selected for most prestigious global competition ‘Genius Olympiad 2018’ of Rochester Institute of Technology, Sunny Oswego, New York, USA for exhibiting their innovative thinking. The title of the Project of Physics was: ‘ECO-FRIENDLY NON-STOP POWER GENERATION FROM RIVERS’.  They presented their project during 11-16 June, 2018 there. Finally, our students achieved ‘Bronze Medal’ on their creativity.

We hope for a better future to go ahead with our performance nationally and globally. Our students will contribute in this sphere of Physics through their innovative thinking.

Facilities (Facilities provided by the department)

Physics is one of the rich Departments in MDIC providing all probable facilities to the students to make them skilled in Physics.

Facilities are:

  • Well furnished, Spacious Multimedia AC lab with Modern Mechanics and Electrical equipment.
  • Separate optics lab (Dark room) with all relevant Optical experimental facilities for O to A level.
  • Free Practical Physics Workbook.
  • A separate Physics book Almira for students to study Physics in the Library
  • Topic-wise animated Video display in Projector with high quality digital sound system.
  • British Council affiliated Physics Lab Exam venue for CAIE Exam.
  • A group of long experienced Lab Supervisor, Demonstrator and Lab Assistant.
  • Demonstration of Scientific Project and Olympiad for global competition and winning.
  • The Department planned separate Educational Tours in different Scientific Research Labs, Diagnostic Centers in Dhaka city for improving Practical knowledge of Theoretical part.