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About (Information about the Department)

The Department of Science was established in 2008. It is run by a group of skilled and enthusiastic faculty members. The department is being supervised and guided by a dynamic Head of the Department, Ms Tahmina Yeasmeen, from the beginning of its establishment. The department conducts classes from Standard 3 to 6, both in morning and day shifts.

At present, seven experienced faculty members are working hard for illuminating the tender heart of the students with knowledge of different fields of science.

The members of the department teach students with great care and try to make them interested in modern science and inventions. As a result, majority of the students of MDIC choose science subjects in O and A Levels for further studies.

Facilities (Facilities Provided by the Department)

  • Maintaining a well-equipped Science lab with all the modern facilities
  • Making students interested about science and technology by imparting them practical knowledge about laboratory instruments, microscopes, posters, charts, human skeleton etc.
Ensuring interactive and communicative learning sessions and making students involved in different hands-on activities to acquire practical skill.