• Public Works

    SWAPNO's Public Asset Maintenance programme has successfully maintained 14,000+ critical public assets which have benefitted the local communities of 223 unions of 5 districts.

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  • Rotating Savings & Credit Association

    SWAPNO’s group savings mechanism ROSCA has facilitated beneficiaries form 600+ ROSCAs through which they have generated around USD 1.8 million.

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  • Life Skills Training

    SWAPNO has provided Life Skills training to 12000+ ultra-poor rural women to enhance their confidence, courage, and communication skills.

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  • Skills Development

    SWAPNO’s ‘Future employability’ notion has facilitated 12,000+ beneficiaries to become skilled in both formal and informal livelihood opportunities

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  • Climate Change Adaptation

    SWAPNO's multiple climate adaptive interventions facilitate both the local government and community people

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Strengthening Women’s Ability for Productive New Opportunities (SWAPNO) is a gender based social security project targeting ultra-poor rural women who are widowed, divorced, abandoned, or left with a disabled husband. The project aims to uplift these women out of extreme poverty through productive and sustainable livelihoods. Under the auspices of National Social Security Strategy (NSSS) of Bangladesh government, SWAPNO is implemented jointly by Local Government Division and UNDP since 2015. SWAPNO’s intervention follows a ‘state of the art’ graduation model that encompasses livelihood promotion, financial inclusion, social protection, and social empowerment. The women are employed for a specific tenure under public works. Simultaneously, training is provided to improve self-confidence, leadership, financial literacy, basic numeracy, savings, and spending. This process is followed by livelihood training based on their interests and local market opportunities to begin micro-enterprises or find formal employment. After completing their employment tenure, they can access funds to invest in their enterprises.


Documentary: Narir Ogrojatray SWAPNO (নারীর অগ্রযাত্রায় স্বপ্ন)

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