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CHITTAGONG DENIM MILLS LTD. is the most advanced denim mill in the region & owns one of the most comprehensive and resourceful manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh. The Mill is a 100% export-oriented denim fabric manufacturer & was incorporated in Bangladesh on 28th October, 2005 as a Bangladesh-Netherlands joint venture company. The company commenced its commercial operations in 2007 and become an industry-leading Denim Fabric Manufacturer, located at Kewa, Sreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh, built with in 30 acres of land with planned sustainable landscape and facility.

We promote sustainable practices in our operations and development of new denims bringing innovation, sustainability and tradition in its collections updated with global trends. We firmly believe in the importance of Sustainability and Innovation, values that are deeply woven into each fabric conferring inimitable quality and uniqueness to it. While our footprint is what we take from the planet when we consume, our handprint is what we give the planet when we create change for the better. In an era of change, our handprint will promote denim manufacturing at the intersection of where people, planet, and purpose matter.


We pride ourselves on maintaining production methods that ensure a safe and productive work environment for our all employees. Our commitment to the society has played a fair role in shaping our values, while we continuously develop and refine environmentally friendly techniques and procedures with a more-than-human consideration creating our denim products. Now the name “Chittagong Denim” inspires trust due to innovative ideas, tireless efforts, perseverance and dedication which contributed to successful achievements. With our commitment, focus and dedication – we are all set to conquer and excel in our future endeavor embracing newer horizons of success.

With styles that never end, it innovates. Innovation brings it to the next level. At Chittagong Denim, we have been working hard to deliver excellence where innovation is given utmost precedence. To make evocative premium denim, the ingredients are straightforward: the best cotton and the truest indigo. We make a spectacular canvas for you to create your own masterpiece. You can now play with colors, washes, textures and trends to create a work of art that is more than just a weave.

We continue to maintain our leadership position in the industry with our high quality, innovative, differentiated product range, customer-oriented products and services tailored to our clients’ specific needs, fast delivery, widespread market network structure, effective price policies and high customer satisfaction. One of the core strengths of our company is the powerful and long-lasting relationship established with prominent brands and designers globally. We are proud to present novelty, trends and outstanding products to all our customers.



Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide customers most desirable diversifying denim fabric sourcing solutions with sustainable and affordable products to meet the best quality expectations of the fashion brands by ensuring profitable growth using best technology as well as using sustainable raw materials & processes, continuous product innovation, transparency, the highest quality and commitment.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the global leader in sustainable denim production that passionately creates change for a better life, which allows us to increase our participation in the market.


Core Values

Innovation to advance fashion sustainably Growth through being fully prepared to provide excellence Customer satisfaction through partnership



We strive to fulfill the changing needs accompanied by maintaining environmental sustainability. The team works hard to ensure that it makes the world a better place for future by conducting the business in an environment-friendly manner. Through innovation to advance fashion sustainably - We stay relevant, fashion perspective by adopting continuous transformation & development. Our adaptability to innovation is what makes us more productive & efficient ensuring uniqueness in diversification.


Excellence in Product PRECISION & COMMITMENT

We have set high targets for quality control & consistent production. We are steadfast to produce superior quality denim and hold ourselves to a high standard of achievement. We believe growth through being fully prepared to provide excellence in World class technology, Superior sourcing of raw materials, Rigorous quality controls, Talent Acquisition. We take pride in being the resource our customers turn to for their denim needs and we always provide the best possible service.

We are committed to our work and we value all our clients. We strive to fulfill all their product related requirements with full fidelity, our customer voices drive company decisions and actions so that we collectively maximize the utility and expand the customer base. It’s an ideal system to produce fruitful results and enhance customer experience. We maintain Ethics & Transparency in all our business transactions to build best relation with our customers.



We encourage a work environment which is open to opinions and ideas and & We Create an environment where wisdom is nurtured, emotion and harmony are heightened, and new strength is shared. We respect each member of our team as well as their suggestions and work. The company strives to train, motivation and encourage them to take greater responsibilities to become outstanding performers. Recognition to employee’s honesty, creating a workplace with a positive atmosphere and a sense of solidarity, the key to a successful, employee centric culture is to provide ample freedom to the team members along with the cushion to experiment. This happens when each and every individual takes up significant ownership of work. This happens when one is also allowed to commit errors, only to learn from them and continuously improve performance. And lastly, this happens when the team is trained not to just come up with problems, but also with solutions to those problems. This tool allows us to realize our dream every day: to transform new, unexpected ideas into a product by leveraging our passion.