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Both Slasher & Rope diversified dyeing lines allow the most varied shades. A constant search for new solutions and colors allows to create the most varied and customized shades for each customer with absolute versatility. Advanced automatic PLC controlled software in Slasher dyeing & Flexible Immersion system in Rope dyeing guarantee accurate online control of the dyeing baths, ensuring uniformity of tone, consistent quality and solidity of the dye. Our tradition, combines denim with indigo & imaginative yarn-dyed colors.


Interlaced by warp & weft, fabric is weaved. The weaving shed can produce complex and fancy designs with the help of cam & dobby looms. The Rapier loom helps to recreate the fancy denims with different variety of yarns.

Weaving consists of 172 Rapier looms from Picanol. The Belgium technology enables weaving of all type of denim fabrics in various weight range. Bigger width is another advantages of our looms. All machines are centrally monitored and controlled to produce defects free quality.


Final processing in production of the denim is grey woven fabric which goes through singeing to smooth the surface, washing to control the texture of denim, skewing to prevent torsion and sanforizing for dimensional stability. For making the fabric looks flat with enhanced hand feel and cleaner optics, desizing & mercerizing done. Different colors of over dyeing have been done to meet the latest trend and enhance the fabric looks.

Well-equipped state-of-the-art machineries capable to produce endless value added finishes like Resin, Acrylic and PU Coating, Calendaring , Printing, Peaching, Brushing, , Moisture Wicking Finish, Water Repellent Finish etc.


Through this start-to-finish production, products that passed our quality standard are shipped to our customers in the most appropriate manner. Flexibility, precision and constancy allow us to guarantee the highest quality standards. Unique numbers are generated for each roll which are traceable through the manufacturing process. Each and every fabric roll is inspected using the International 4- point quality grading system and categorized during inspection according to the specified points standard established by the customer.

We believe quality is an important driver to earn customers loyalty. Chittagong Denim has developed quality control infrastructure to provide utmost excellence standards on all production stages. Quality Assurance Department ensures that Customer’s fabric order meets their quality standards prior to shipment.

Our testing laboratory is well equipped with the latest testing equipment for monitoring the fabric specifications & process parameters for effectiveness, consistency and optimization. Our Lab is accredited by leading brands and accreditation bodies for quality and precision testing.

SUPPORT (In-House Utility)

Chittagong Denim has its own power generation setup to accelerate production from converting cotton to finished garments. Our self-power generation capacity is 6.3 MW with heat recovery system by using exhaust gas boiler. Water treatment plant, condense recovery plant is our initiative to maintain quality, energy efficiency & cleanliness to environment. 

Biological ETP

Our Biological ETP by Italian technology operates flow rate of 110 m3/hr.