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In order to minimize our environmental impact, we are looking inward to improve our processes for better sustainable responsible manufacturing solutions and continue sustained improvement in operations to ensure measurable savings through Investing in machine, energy and efficient production process.

Innovation is key to create true value and to sustain it. Innovation is a must to expand our vision. And, as we always grow and go forward as individuals and humanity, innovation is inevitable when we aim to create a better future and a better life. We are passionate to manufacture sustainable products. We heartfully invest in innovation, to create added-value and eco-friendly products in order to transform the industry for both denim and life, to make a sustainable world possible.  

ECO DYEING- FIS (Flexible Immersion System) of Rope Dyeing Technology allows us to use 30-50% less water, and 30% less chemicals in the dyeing process.

IMPROVEMENT OF MACHINE SPEEDS IN WEAVING-The basic idea of this efficiency measure was to optimize the speed of the weaving machines than any other company without quality loss, in order to achieve a reduction in the electrical energy consumption per unit production.

ECO-FINISHING- Eco-applicator & Thermo-Stretching device of Finishing machine as well heat recovery system of Stenter machine refer to a Technology by Monforts drastically reduces the consumption of water, chemicals and energy (CO2) in the fabric production process. 

The development of new products and technologies has made innovation the buzzword for our Industry. The tireless quest for excellence in quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction is what drives us. And, to do so, we need to adopt sustainability as a habit, as a mission, as a part of every step which we take towards introducing the new innovations & this is the only way forward.