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Caring for water is also another great legacy of our company. Chittagong Denim does not only focus on clean water but water savings throughout our whole process by using latest water saving technologies, next-generation equipment and process improvements. We not only purchase sustainable inputs but also invest into machines and infrastructure that make our process as sustainable as possible by less water technology.

Focusing on waterless dyeing in Pre-treatment & Pre-washing Processes. Introducing Peak-Washing performance in our Rope Dyeing Processes.

Our new Eco-Applicator Finish process is allowing us to save an average of 30% of water compared to traditional denim finishing along with significant chemical reduction.

Installation of water meters at various locations allows close monitoring, modification in process routes, and M/C design.

Reuse of condensate recovery as process water.

Wastewater from dyeing & finishing process will pass through our Biological Effluent Treatment facility. The system removes the residual indigo and harmful impurities, convert waste water into clean water.  To achieve better results of treated effluent, we’ve adopted advanced technology from SIMEM (Italy). We’ve also set up an ultramodern ETP Water Testing Laboratory in our plant for close monitoring of various parameters.

The reduction of water consumption in the process from these initiatives can reach one million liters of water per day, covering practically all our products, based on projects carried out in the area of ​​indigo dyeing and fabric finishing, prioritizing technology innovative.

We take the entire issue of water management with utmost seriousness and realize that we owe a lot to the environment. And that is why we reuse and recycle water. Our goal is to promote progressive water stewardship – within our company and at the community level – which includes taking responsibility for the well-being of water resources and instituting effective conservation and sustainability efforts within residences and factories. We are passionate to conserve natural resources by designing sustainable products that require less water and promoting water recycling in our production processes.