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We believe in conducting our business operations without compromising on natural resources. We are committed to drive change and prosper, while leaving a humble footprint on Earth for the generations to come. The area mill is located, blessed with favorable weather, green forests and abundant of spring water, is well known for its indigo dye from way back when processed.

Transforming ideas and inspirations into solid realities have always been a part of our dream. We always carried out a vision and a mission of solidifying a better future to live in. Thus we are committed to minimize our impact on the environment and protect nature through solid acts. We conduct Tree plantation drives every monsoon on our premises for green belt development on an ongoing basis.

We are actively committed to minimize the environmental impact of each yard of denim we produce. As a general concept textile manufacturing is polluted and energy consume in most people’s mind. As a responsible manufacturer, we would do all possible way to minimize our ecological footprint. Regulatory requirements related to the environment are carefully monitored and implemented.

The HIGG Index is a self-assessment tool developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. It allows companies like ours to accurately measure and score their sustainability performance. Through its results, meaningful improvements can be made to protect the wellbeing of factory workers, local communities, and the environment. Our commitment to the HIGG index is instrumental as we work together with brands and suppliers to transform textile industry through standardized assessment and continued performance improvement.

On our planet, individual’s and company’s first priority is to protect life and not to waste natural resources in the favor of sustainability. We produce our products with awareness, and logic, making sure to apply it in every stage of our production, as we know our responsibility to the world and future.