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Our management is, in all aspects, guided by our Code of Conduct, which was created to improve relationships and expand the climate of credibility and trust, established on the basis of extensive discussion between shareholders, directors and professionals, defining the way we act. in front of society. This is an important step towards the consolidation of business ethics.

We have clearly spelt out guidelines to ensure that we engage in fair labor practices. This includes payment of minimum wages, protection of human rights, prevention of child/forced labor and encouragement of health and safety best practices. Social, health and safety compliances aid us in enhancing the work culture and overall atmosphere.

Fully sprinklered facility with completely automated fire and smoke detection and control system, including positively pressurized stairwells, voice evacuation and smoke suction systems. Complete CCTV system managed through a central Building Management System for employee safety.

From supporting our employees and their families with different programs, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on our local communities. Safety has been our focus area and various measures were put in place to tackle unsafe conditions, behaviour and practices for workers and employees.

We aim to contribute to the quality of life on the planet through an industrial activity with cutting edge technology, committed to sustainable social and environmental processes, governed by ethics and respect for employees, suppliers and consumers.