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Reduction in CO2 Emission/Sustainable/Renewable Energy Source

At Chittagong Denim, Energy performance throughout all our activities with the awareness of carrying the responsibility of the Energy Management System. We accept continuous improvement and making it environmentally and economically sustainable as a principle. Our ultimate goal is to reduce carbon emissions and arrest Global warming. Energy Management we are taking up multiple initiatives across our units and offices like Cultural practices Implementation of SAP, restricting the use of paper- to help us reduce our energy consumption.

Generator uses high-efficiency heat exchangers that are able to recycle heat power. This reduces combustion in the generators, which in turn leads to less CO2, NOx, and SOx emissions.

We are committed to reducing our GHG emissions each year, Our Co-generation system, a combination of heat and power, increases our overall energy efficiency and related environmental impact.

Sustainable energy source- Steam generate by exhaust gas boiler are essential to dye and finishing facility-we eliminate exhaust gas emission totally.

We’ve installed steam condensate recovery pumps at various locations, and by recovering steam condensate, we reduce the consumption of steam, which in turn helps in the reduction of fuel consumption.

Use of energy-saving LED lights- We have installed many LED lights for energy saving in various departments.

Installation of energy and water-saving modern machinery.

We conduct regular energy audits at our Factory, and based on the results, take all possible measures for energy conservation. Some significant steps we have taken to minimize energy wastage.

We are certain that harnessing sustainable energy resources shows a respected commitment which can have a positive impact on global climatic conditions. Innovation on use of resources (energy and materials) at the factory, including the optimization of the production-process-product, a seamless integration of renewable energy systems, and the recovery of wasted energy with environmental performances to be measured within a life cycle approach. Our purpose for a sustainable future for all and our goal to become a pillar of sustainable energy policy drives us to initiate, oversee and implement energy-efficient measures.